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Floor Care

Construct Clean Solutions provides innovative cleaning solutions for hard floors, such as tile and grout, and strip and wax services for vinyl, concrete, VCT, and marble. They offer deep commercial floor cleaning services to maintain flooring surfaces and restore their protective film coating. They can provide services on a quarterly or regular basis.

Deep Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Services offered include hard flooring maintenance and applications, such as grout and tile surfaces, and wax applications for concrete, vinyl, tile (VCT), and marble.

Construct Clean Solutions has a mission to provide clients with advanced cleaning options for hard flooring, such as tricky grout and tile surfaces and glossed, skid-resistant wax applications for concrete, vinyl, tile (VCT), and marble. We provide extensive commercial floor cleaning services so your floors appear radiant and last longer.

Because the flooring in your facility endures a lot of foot traffic and wear, it is prone to deterioration. A glossy, mirrored finish is usually applied to floors in multiple thin coats of wax or polymer, which can be reinforced with mechanized buffing. Nevertheless, this covering can fade away with time. Nevertheless, our experts are here to help you keep the film intact and your floor's beauty shining by offering expert hard floor cleaning services. You can count on us to deep clean your vinyl and tile floors and more, no matter if you use our services quarterly or wish to incorporate them into your usual contract.

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